Hirebotics Cloud Sync for Universal Robots

by Zach Boyd, on Mar 2, 2020 9:07:04 AM

Have you ever worried about losing critical files on your cobot? Or needed to access files from a remote location so that you can diagnose a problem? These are common scenarios for any application and not all companies have the IT infrastructure necessary to provide these capabilities. So what should the rest of us do?

Over the years, we have built cloud capabilities to better support, manage, and troubleshoot cobot applications from anywhere. We are now releasing an initial set of tools to the Universal Robots community so you can do the same. The capabilities we are releasing are free and require no additional hardware

This release provides features to automatically backup the critical files on your cobot to the cloud, with versions of every file change. This is really useful for sharing support related files with your integrator, distributor, or directly with Universal Robots. It will also give you peace of mind that your files are safe, offsite, and secured in the cloud in the event of a disaster. No longer do you need to remember to manually backup your cobot.

Key Features

  • Automatic file backups
  • Auto-versioning of every file change
  • Restore any version of any file
  • Share using secure links that auto-expire
  • No external hardware required or complicated networking

Features are available on all CB-series (3.7+) and e-series cobots from Universal Robots.

We take data protection and privacy seriously which means your data is only accessible to you. All data is transferred securely and encrypted at rest. You control how you share your files by generating secure links that auto-expire.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get started


These features are free to use and we hope you find them as useful as we do. If you’re interested in taking advantage of them, sign up for free: Cloud Tools by Hirebotics. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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